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Friday, February 19, 2010

Uncle David

Our last visit with David (otherwise known as Captain Cranium).

We miss you!!

A New Year

On January 12th, we lost one of our best friends to the earthquake in Haiti. David Hames was shooting a video for Compassion Intl, and he walked into the Hotel Montana one minute before the building pancaked. It took four weeks for the teams to recover him--four weeks of praying for a miracle and hoping that he might still be alive.

David is no longer on this earth, but He loved Jesus and we know that he is in heaven--laughing and singing and probably entertaining the angels with his ukulele. The past month-plus has been an emotional roller coaster, but God has been faithful and blessed our family with strength and peace in the midst of the pain. We miss David dearly, but we know he is very much alive right now. And we are grateful.

Some of you have so nicely called and emailed to remind me that it's been a very long time since I posted pictures of the family. So finally, here are a few Christmas pictures. Thank you for all of your many prayers and encouraging notes during this incredibly hard journey.