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Friday, January 25, 2008

Christmas Pix

So I started this blog, uh, four weeks ago when we got back from Tennessee, but haven't had time to sort through our Christmas pictures. We had a wonderful time seeing my family and Jon's family, and the girls had a blast playing wih all their cousins. Karly cut her hair with Mimi's scissors so she's sportin' a new look for the New Year. Kiki caught a stomach bug on the airplane and passed it around.

We celebrated Jesus' birth before Christmas, and then I think we opened presents five times (bummer...). Kiki got a LeapPad and a Nemo computer game (we haven't seen her since). Karly got waffle blocks and a train set, and she's been busy building and creating.

We went four-wheeling through a nearby forest, and Mimi and Pop Pop B. treated us to a day at the wonderful Tennessee Aquarium. While Jon's parents played with the girls, Jon and I escaped to a little cabin near Asheville and had a white "day after" Christmas. Then we slept for two days. :)

Here's a few pix--thanks to both Mimis for being the photographers on this trip! The girls keep asking when it will be Christmas again...

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Blue Monday

I heard on the news last night that January 21st is the "most depressing" day of the year. Fortunately, we had sun yesterday and a clear view of snowy Mt. Saint Helens and the formidable Mt. Hood. But we haven't seen much of the sun for the past three weeks--it's been hiding behind the gray, gloomy clouds that hover over the Pacific NW this time of year.

I've had several friends ask me how I'm doing with the "winter blues." I can honestly say, thank God, that I'm doing great. I was worried when we left all that wonderful sunlight in CA so I began taking a tablet of Vitamin D every day. I try and exercise every morning, and I've found that even though it's been raining almost daily, it's important for the girls and I to get out of the house so we go do story time at the library or go play at McDonalds or take yet another trip to Trader Joes. Anything to get a little fresh air and just maybe a glimpse of the sun.

Today Karly complained because the sun was "wrinkling her eyes." I guess that's what happens when you only see it a couple times a month.

The upside of these chilly, gray days is the cold, dark nights. I have a good excuse to start the fire and cuddle up with a good book, a hot mug of tea, and usually a kid or two who have decided that my bed is warmer than theirs.

Monday, January 07, 2008

My Little Dancers

It's awful hard for a girl to get ANY tap dancin' done when your sister keeps changing the music, but it's even harder when your sister upstages you with a little, uh, freestyle.