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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Day at the Zoo

Finally! We had a little sunshine over the weekend and temps that crawled up past seventy. It was a wonderful respite from the gray, gloomy weather we've had this spring. So we, along with most of the city, headed outdoors. We took the kids to the zoo, and they were mesmerized by the playful polar bears and sea lions. It seemed like the animals were as grateful for a little sunshine as we were...

This picture is of Kiki kissing the glass when the sea lion swam by. She kissed it over and over (and over!).

Monday, April 07, 2008

Karly's Hair

Yes, Karly has very short hair these days. After reading a funny book at story time called Stephanie's Ponytail (where everyone but Stephanie chops off their ponytails), she got inspired to finish the job she started at Christmas. I tried to redeem some of her, uh, more creative clipping, but chunks of her bangs and back of her hair were cut to the scalp. Fortunately, very few people complimented her on her new hairstyle this time around so maybe it will grow out again. Or maybe not... I guess there are more important things in life than hair (though I have to say she's NEVER reading Stephanie's Ponytail again).