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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Setting My Mind on Things Above

I made the mistake of checking the status of our retirement savings today and discovered that almost fifty percent of it has disappeared, just like that. After wrestling with disappointment and anger, I was gently reminded that worrying about our retirement money won't make it reappear. It's much more important for me to set my mind on things above, not on the many worries of this earth.

So tonight I'm trying to keep my eyes focused on Christ, and I'm praying for three things:
1) That God would take away my anxiety and fill my heart with joy and peace.
2) That during this financial crisis, our country would put our trust back in God instead of money.
3) And that God would bless the many people around the world who don't have many possessions but serve Him faithfully with their hearts and hands.


Blogger Kathie said...

I know alot of people are worried about the future (financial) right now. I stopped worrying about it along time ago. I gave it to the Lord when we came on the mission field nearly 23 years ago. There is still no retirement for us. I don't say that as a form of bragging. It is simply that God has never failed to supply our needs on a day by day bases. There is always enough. What more can I ask for.
Blessings from Costa Rica

8:49 AM  
Blogger Melanie Dobson said...

Thanks for your note and insight, Kathie! What a blessing to hear from you and know that God has continually supplied your needs as you serve Him in Costa Rica. Thank you for all you and your family do!!


9:19 AM  

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