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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Rocky Mountain Highs and Lows

We flew into Denver on Sunday for a family vacation in the Colorado mountains. We love it here! We had a couple bouts of altitude sickness (or "alcohol sickness" as Karly named it??) the first two days (who thought it was a good idea to go from sea level to a hotel at 9,600 feet?).

Except for a few scrapes and my sunburned neck, all is well now. We're tucked into the Switzerland-esque town called Ouray for a couple days, surrounded by red-tinted cliffs and snow-glazed peaks. We took the girls on their first real four-wheeling trip today up to Yankee Boy Basin to see the waterfalls and wildflowers and several ghost towns. Kiki loved all the bumps though Karly wasn't so sure when the truck "leaned." Jon said we had to be careful not to go over a cliff, and Karly said, "But if we do, it's no biggie. We'll just get hurt and then we'll all go to heaven."

Here are some pix from our first two days. I love tiptoeing through these old houses and mines and wonder... Of course, with two young kids, we're now stomping through these decrepit old homes, but it's even more fun to marvel with them...and then go have some ice cream when we're done. :)


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