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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Our Favorite Children's Books

Before the girls went to bed tonight, we read a sweet story called Little Pea. It's been the favorite book for the past few weeks, and Karly and Kiki think it's hysterical that Little Pea hates candy. I mean, really, who could possibly HATE candy??? Unless, of course, you happen to be a pea. When we turn the page to find out what Little Pea does like to eat, my kids giggle like they haven't already read the punchline like twenty (or thirty...) times.

In our search for books that our whole family enjoys, we've found a few that we can't help but read over and over. If you're in search of some great stories for the five-and-under crowd, I've listed our family favs on my website (i.e. click here).

And if you happen to have your own list of favorite children's books, please, PLEASE send it my way! Without some new suggestions, I may be reading about a certain candy-hating pea for many weeks to come...


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