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Monday, March 31, 2008

Easter Pix

We had a wonderful, rainy Easter celebrating with friends. The girls painted eggs a few days before Easter and then spent hours practicing their search techniques and strategies for the big hunt. All their training paid off on Easter. They raced through the house and scooped up almost all the eggs in record time. There is still one egg hidden in our living room, and one of them will be SO excited when they find it and the jellybeans inside.

My dad came to visit this weekend, and we went hunting as well--this time for whales from a station on Hwy. 101. Dad saw one whale, but I'm not sure about the girls. Kiki was mesmerized by the whale-watching boats teetering in the ten-foot waves (I almost got seasick watching them from steady land). Karly was way too busy feeling whale skin and touching whale bones to actually look for live whales.

Here are some new pix:


Anonymous Mary Ann said...

How adorable. What happened to Karly's hair? Where did it all go? I see Kinzel is still following the marine life path. How fun that sounds.

3:27 AM  

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