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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Jesse's King

My friends lost their five-year-old son to a brain tumor this week. I can't even describe how much my heart aches for them.

Why would God take a sweet child so soon? I don't know the answer, but I do know that this boy is wrapped in Jesus' safe arms on his final journey home.

For Jesse:

The King, My King is coming
He’s just around the bend
A trumpet song proclaims
The arrival of my friend

Jumping high, I crane my neck
Shout the news that it’s today
Drummers beat a steady march
A royal band parades our way

The King, My King is nearing
The choir starts to sing
Cymbals crash, bugles blast
Melodic church bells ring

The crowd cheers, I know he’s close
In seconds I will see
If his horses and white chariot
Will stop in front of me

The King, My King is smiling
Reaching down, he takes my hand
Then whispers that he loves me
In voice both soft and grand

Underneath his simple crown
His eyes are turquoise blue
With gentle arms, he hugs me
My child, I’ve come for you

The King, My King is leaving
Kind sir, I’d like to ride
He nods, I kiss my family
He holds me by his side

The crowd divides, our horses race
Suddenly the faint wind roars
Up rocky hills we gallop
Over mountaintops we soar

My King and I are sailing
Past curled clouds we fly
Until I glimpse his castle
Shimmering silver in the sky

The chariot turns, and I feel sad
For those I’ve left behind
Don’t cry, I’ll see you soon
In a world where there’s no time

The King, My King is singing
About Heaven’s glorious state
On starry wings we glide
Through a wall of pearled gates

Angels dance on golden streams
Rubies glitter across a lake
In honor of the King
Rainbowed flower gardens wake

The King, My King is waving
Another soul needs a guide
It’s not goodbye, he tells me
He’ll never leave my side

Light soothes away all sadness
Glory shining from His throne
Thank you, dear King, for loving me
Finally, I’m home


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